Mum faces ‘nightmare’ as mother-in-law has newborn baby’s name tattooed too soon

It’s not unusual for parents to decide to change their baby’s name within the first few weeks after the little one has been born, especially if the parents are no longer keen on the name they picked out.

But if you’re not 100% sure about the name you want to go with, you should make sure your family members are aware that the name might be temporary – or you risk having them spend money on monogrammed baby items that you no longer have any use for once the tot’s name has been changed.

Or, in the case of one mum online, you might find yourself having to tell your mother-in-law that her tattoo of your son’s name isn’t going to be accurate anymore.

The woman explained that her husband’s mum got the inking of her grandson’s name just after he was born two weeks ago, and while the couple think the gesture was “sweet”, they’ve since realised they’re not thrilled about their son’s name – and they don’t know how to tell her the unfortunate news.

In a post on Mumsnet, she said: “We have just had a baby two weeks ago, and my mother-in-law immediately tattooed our baby boy’s name on her arm.

“However, we have since had a change of heart re the name. What a nightmare!

“We didn’t ask her to [get the tattoo], or know she was doing it. It’s obviously really sweet of her to do it so that’s not the problem, it’s more just now we don’t want to call him that.

“I feel awful! How on Earth do we handle this? I’m really trying to talk myself into keeping the name, but it doesn’t sit right.”

The mum later added more information to the thread as she said she “feels so bad” for her mother-in-law, and is considering keeping the name as a middle name so that she can get the tattoo updated.

She said: “It is slightly funny, but I also just feel so bad for her. Even as a middle name it isn’t really an option, but we would keep it for her I guess. Just not as a first name.

“It’s not massive but it’s right near her wrist and has its own area – there’s no mistaking it’s there! I can’t handle this level of awkwardness, I’m really not good with stuff like this.”

Commenters on the post told the woman that the best thing she could do was be honest with her mother-in-law, though many of them also said it was “daft” of her in-law to get the name tattooed so quickly.

One person said: “She’s daft for doing it so quickly, she could have waited. He’s your son so if you prefer a different name then go for it.”

While another added: “I’d send her a card with the new name and include a voucher for laser removal.”