Cheeky bloke with hi-vis vest pretends to be traffic warden to skip 3-hour jam

A cheeky bloke has used his initiative to get himself and his friends through a three-hour traffic jam in just 10 minutes – with nothing but a hi-vis vest and some confidence.

Nathan Twamley and his mates initially joined the backlog of cars that had built up after the Dermot Kennedy concert at Malahide Castle in Dublin, Ireland, over the weekend, but after speaking to other drivers who said they’d already been in the gridlocked traffic for hours, he decided to hatch a plan.

The 27-year-old, from Dublin, borrowed a work vest from 26-year-old Sean Rafferty who had one in his boot, and got to work getting the cars in front of them to move out the way.

Nathan brazenly knocked on the windows of the other vehicles and told them to make way for a car coming through, while simultaneously guiding his pals all the way to the front of the queue – where a warden finally realised what he was doing.

He said: “There were people who had already been stuck for two hours.

“I said to Sean I’d love to have a high-vis right now to get past and he said he had one in the boot.

“I hopped out and people were asking me ‘what’s going on?’ and I told them there had been an accident. I was knocking on people’s windows telling them to move over so we could fit past.

“We skipped three hours of traffic. We just couldn’t stop laughing, we got past all the traffic and looked back and none of the cars had moved.

“One bloke who worked there looked over at me right at the end and I think he clocked on but he just laughed as if to say ‘fair play’.”

Nathan’s antics went viral after a video was shared online of him sauntering along confidently in front of his friend’s car, directing the vehicle alongside a huge queue to their left hand-side.

One car even attempts to pull out in front of them, but Nathan is quick to stop them before waving his friends forward and continuing with his mission to get them to the front of the queue.

The video, which was posted to TikTok, was captioned: “Bring yourself a high-vis to a concert to get yourself out quicker. The funniest night ever, never underestimate Nathan.”

And commenters have been left in stitches by the bloke’s genius plan, with one person even hailing him a “hero”.

Someone said: “You can literally do anything in a high-vis and no one looks twice.”

As someone else added: “Hi-vis will open so many doors. Act confident and keep walking.”

While a third stated: “Not all heroes wear capes.”